March 15, 2022

Tamaya! Kagiya! Tetsuya! (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 15)

by slyborg
tabv points out some dust that I will later do nothing about

Proofing is the key to becoming a Scanlation Pro™

Some more spring cleaning of the backlog.

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[Translator: slyborg  Clean: Rayleigh Typesetter: slyborg Proof:  tabv]

Kubota gets his comeuppance, and Aki’s Heisei-era friends follow more clues…

February 14, 2022

A New Beginning (Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Ch 31)

by slyborg
Samaco girls

These guys block your path and ask for your lunch money.


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[Translation]: slyborg [Clean]: dazli [Typeset]: slyborg [Proof]: Rayleigh, tabv

So, we died of COVID-19 at the end of 2020 but now we’re back, and fully boosted. We keep hoping that automated real-time scanlation will be implemented by someone, but since it still hasn’t appeared we have to continue to do things the old fashioned way. Case in point is this horrible WordPress editor that I am apparently now required to use and is a 15 year step backwards (-_-). But I digress.

Start of vol. 6 of this series marks somewhat of a change in tone from the usually humorous Ditama Bow, we’ll see how things develop.

December 10, 2020

Minna-sama Êtes-vous Prêts? (Pretsa Ch. 3)

by slyborg

Got piste last weekend, too.

Some actual fencing begins to creep into the manga. I do kind of wish that if the author insists on using the French terminology that he would spell it all correctly, though.

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[Translator: slyborg  Clean: tabv TS: slyborg Proof: tabv, Rayleigh]

Cleaning this time was literally kicchiri, kansha suru wa.

Hopefully will have some downtime during the upcoming holidays to knock out a few more items assuming we aren’t all killed by plague. I’ll just add this:

September 30, 2020

It Takes A Village (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 14)

by slyborg

This is always a bad idea.

Aki goes for an early morning stroll.

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[Translator: slyborg  Clean: Rayleigh Typesetter: slyborg Proof: Rayleigh, tabv]

Fuchū is now a bedroom community of Tokyo, and 25 minutes from Shinjuku via the Keio Line. It was originally established as a shukuba, or post station on the Kōshū Kaidō road in 1602, but as was typical had become a town and also would have housed officials of the shogunate.

September 12, 2020

End Of The Line (Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Ch 30)

by slyborg

To Infinity … and Beyond!

Well, turns out we get a kind of Invar postscript…

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[Translation]: slyborg [Clean]: dazli [Typeset]: slyborg [Proof]: Rayleigh, tabv

Finally got back to FIJC and finally have finished vol. 5 \o/ Only not really, there is an omake we’ll be doing as well. Our heroine makes a surprising announcement! And this series suddenly gets grimdark next volume, Bow Ditama has a way of getting surprisingly serious in the middle of ecchi panty shot manga.

Oh, and Plug gets outfitted with a Striker Unit is a shout-out to Kazuhiro Takamura, who was directing the Strike Witches 2 anime when this came out. Takamura also directed the Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! anime adaptation the previous year.