Double Release!

by suimasenscans

Well, some good news and some bad news for our first release. I’ll do the bad news first, since its not too bad. Last night, my internet crapped out, so I’m stuck using a cell phone until it gets fixed, probably sometime within the next day. That means I can only post plain text (or copy html code from other posts and modify it a bit…), nothing fancy, until I can get to a decent computer.

That being said, we have a double release for everyone to commemorate the new blog site! You can find the links here:

Chapter 125:

Chapter 126:

Finally, a status update. GreenTea, Fresh Prince, and Tact are currently in the middle of typesetting and revising chapter 127, so expect that shortly, barring any major problems. Also, Mekishiko has started translating chapter 128, so that will be along in the next few days.



3 Comments to “Double Release!”

  1. It’s so empty here.

  2. Are u hiring proofreaders or anything for aki-sora because i would like to help out but i can translate only a little because im taking hiragana at the moment which probably doesnt help but i can be a editer once i get photoshop downloaded but i will do anything to help ^_^

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