Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 128 and the Desperate Search for Translators

by suimasenscans

Alright, we’ve got another release of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei out, because we’ve been on a roll this last week. With chapter 128, we only have two more chapters left in this volume, and our goal is currently to catch up to the current releases in Japan. As they are currently on chapter 176 and release monthly, we should be able to catch them just before the new year, barring any catastrophic failures in our group. Anyway, the file can be found here:

Unfortunately, mekishiko reports that he’ll be busy with work for the next week, although he has done quite a bit of translation in his free time. With his job to focus on, our release rate will slow temporarily.

Speaking of translators, we desperately need one to get our Katteni Kaizo scanlation project off the ground. While mekishiko can hold his own with getting SZS translated, its too much of a workload for him to translate two manga at once, so we really really really really need a translator to come on board to get this running. We could also use an editor or proofreader as well, but we’re not going to have anything for them to do unless we get a translator. Feel free to email us at , me personally at , or contact us through comments.

Finally, regarding the blog, we are going to begin a process of adding more Ai to our site. (Bleh, custom CSS costs money, which I don’t have) I personally don’t have a ton of Ai fanart, as Matoi and Kiri are my favorites, but I’ve got enough to get started. IF you have any Ai fanart, send it along at the aforementioned email addresses. (I’ll still take the fanart though. And I’ll try to shovel as much Ai onto this blog as possible without having to pay a dime!)

Until the next post is warranted



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