Chapter 129

by suimasenscans

Thanks to some unexpected time off for Mekishiko, we’ve got chapter 129 out earlier than we expected! You can find the dl link here:

In this chapter, we get a surprise visitor from the past!

Also, we’ve had one person apply for the job of editor/proofreader, so we only need one more of those, but more importantly, we need a translator! We’re still looking, and we really need one so we can start scanlating Katteni Kaizo. Tell your friends, tell your family! Find us a translator, and the first one’s on us! (they’re all on us, but who cares about a small detail like that…) But seriously, we need a translator, if you or someone you know would be willing to translate for us, it would be a godsend.

Finally, Mekishiko actually got chapter 130 translated during his spare time as well, so it might not be as long of a wait on that front, either, so you can probably expect it within the next day or two. So, sit back and enjoy chapter 129 and rest easy that chapter 130 will be along shortly.



3 Comments to “Chapter 129”

  1. I love you guys.

  2. So everything okay? I notice Mekishiko hasn’t been sending anything. I didn’t proofread the last two chapters because Oyashiro beat me to it. Maybe I should get on IRC.

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