This scan group is a bit unorganized, please accept that

by suimasenscans

Well, we got chapter 130 done, albeit a bit slower than we’re used to for our own blazingly fast release schedule (suimasen!) You can find it here:

Also included with this chapter are four pages of bonus material from the rest of Volume 13. So, now we’ve successfully completed scanlating one volume of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. We’re all committed to catching up to the current releases in Japan, and mekishiko has almost already completed translating Chapter 131 in Volume 14.

Now, a quick aside, I should probably explain partially why our release was so slow this time around. First off, there was a snafu with mekishiko’s mailing list, and Fresh Prince of Despair ended up getting knocked off the list by mistake, temporarily depriving us of our editor. Tact, our proofreader, enlisted with the Marines, and because of training, has seen the time he can spend with us decrease a little bit. GreenTea and I were working extra to pick up the extra work, but we weren’t used to those jobs, so it took us a little bit of time to figure out how to communicate what needed to be done to each other effectively. I believe we’ve sorted out the mailing list error, and Tact is still working as closely as possible with us, so I really hope that the situation that happened this time around isn’t repeated.

Also, so news related to Katteni Kaizo. We managed to land a translator and an editor for the project, but the translator is fairly busy with schoolwork, so it may be necessary to find another translator who’s willing to work around that so we can speed up our release rate of that series. If you’re interested, please email us at . We also need a proofreader, so if you’re interested in working for us, send in an application!

Also, in the last week, I set up an IRC channel for our group, you can find us at #suimasenscans on! Drop by to chat with others following our releases, and hopefully, meet with staff as well! I’ll be on the channel every evening (Central Daylight Time), I don’t know about the others. There’s really not much in the way of bots for downloads (suimasen!) but its a good opportunity to come in and meet our staff, or address any concerns you may have to us.

Finally, if you like our releases, leave a comment! We’re interested in seeing what people have to think about our releases, and if you can’t make it to the IRC channel, its a great way to get in contact with the staff.

Oh, almost forgot, we’ll have a pack for the entire Volume 13 up on mediafire by tomorrow.

Until the next post is warranted, regards


3 Comments to “This scan group is a bit unorganized, please accept that”

  1. So…you need my Email again or you got that under control?

  2. Thanks guys a lot. I’m glad that you guys are translation SZS. It’s such a great manga and I’m glad that this is a quality translation. Keep up the good work.

  3. I know we seem to be slow now after our previous releases, but worry not, im sure we will get 131 in a day or two and 132 just after that 😀

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