New Releases!

by suimasenscans

Excuse the delay on these, we had staffing issues again, culminating in GreenTea’s temporary hospitalization yesterday. Don’t worry, GreenTea has been released and is in good health.

Anyway, here’s chapters 131 and 132 of SZS, you can find them here:

Chapter 131:
Chapter 132:

Everything seems to be running smoothly again, and meki has almost finished translating chapter 133, and we’re expecting to begin work on typesetting and editing as soon as we receive his translation. I think our SZS scanlation project is back on track, and I sincerely hope that our rate of release doesn’t slow to the levels of the last two weeks again.

That being said, our KK scanlation project is off again for the time being, this time after the translator who volunteered disappeared on us. This means that we are in search of a translator again. I know a lot translators don’t want to stick around for a 24 and a half volume project, but if you think you’re up for translating a few chapters, drop on by, every chapter that gets done is one chapter closer to the end, and we’ll be able to drag it over the finish line eventually.

Finally, sorry for the brevity of this post, I’ve had papers to write left and right for the last week now, and I’m tired of writing. Ah, the joys of the final weeks of school.

Well, until next time


6 Comments to “New Releases!”

  1. Where is my Volume 13 batch?

  2. Ah, about that. Mediafire’s upload limit for free users is 100mb, so we’re currently looking for another hosting site to put it that’s not Megaupload or Rapidshare. It might be a little while.

  3. I have recently been a victim of a misfired attack. Someone I don’t know mistakenly put $2000 into my bank account. D:

  4. People is suggesting to crop down the covers in order to fit all the batch ina <100MB one

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