Chapter 133

by suimasenscans

Well, I hope we didn’t keep you waiting too long. There was one communication error between myself and GreenTea over a couple of corrections that needed to be made before the final release, so the version that GreenTea thought was the final version was actually the unproofread version. Regardless, GreenTea caught the situation, actually a couple minutes after I posted an update yesterday. If you subscribe to the RSS feed or whatever, that’s what happened with a missing post. We’re back on track, thankfully, albeit a day later. (Looking at the stats, I can tell a lot of people flooded in looking for a release that wasn’t there…Suimasen!) You can find the DL link here:

In other news, the translator who volunteered to help with Katteni Kaizo failed to show, so we are again in need of a translator. I’m personally at my wit’s end trying to find someone, I’ve carpeted /a/, baka-updates, and IRC looking for someone willing to translate. At this point, I’m pretty much desperate in trying to find someone willing to do it at all. Dare I say it–I’m in despair. This world in which one cannot find translators has left me in despair.

-Searching the scanlation groups for translators doesn’t work
-Searching anime and manga boards for freeroaming translators fails
-Asking for translators yields no results
-Even Google Translate is unwilling to work

Anyway, if you are even remotely interested, please contact us at

Also, you’ll notice that I haven’t updated the Releases and Current Projects pages recently. I’ve been extremely busy with schoolwork and borderline hikikomori syndrome recently. I should catch a break this weekend though, I’ll get it updated then.

Until next time


One Comment to “Chapter 133”

  1. Thats nice an all…. but i would also like my Volume 13 batch, c’mon u guyse, how hard is to fit everything in a file an uploaded it somewhere?

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