Katteni Kaizo Chapter 18

by suimasenscans

Well, it turns out that our translator was around, and just didn’t have access to the internet for a few days. At any rate, please welcome our new translator Hika! I’ve worked tiredly through the day and night, typesetting Katteni Kaizo in my spare time. I’m not going to complain about typesetting anything else ever again, since there was a lot to typeset.

Anyway, you can find the new chapter here:

In regards to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, chapter 134 is in the process of getting typeset, so it will be about another day or two. A lot of the group is in the final stretches of this semester in college, so its probably going to be a little quiet here until that settles down. We’ll keep working in our spare time, but that’s not going to be as much as it was a few weeks ago.

Anyway, enjoy, and until next time

Correction: This is chapter 18, not 17. Thank you to those who kindly pointed out the error.

11 Comments to “Katteni Kaizo Chapter 18”

  1. Fuck Year!!!

  2. love u guys… have been waiting a long time for this..

  3. huh..weird..mangaupdates stated that you guys released ch 18 but here it was chapter 17..something wrong with my browser or what?

  4. I think this is chapter 18, volume 1 had 11 chapters right?

  5. Ah, this is chapter 18. My bad.

  6. wow, you guys are awesome. I never thought I’d ever see a new release for this.

  7. Cool dudes, cool….but when are you going to release SZS vol 13 batch!?

  8. congratz guys congratz!

  9. Katteni Kaizo?!
    Katteni Kaizo!
    Manly tears.

  10. Go to Mangafox…search Katteni Kaizo..see todays update for chapter 20…be prepared to lol hard

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