Accidental…Joint Project?

by suimasenscans

So, um, yeah.

Our proofreader Fresh Prince of Despair, in his own words:

I forgot to tell my other translator that this group is involved and he decided to translate chapter 178.
As you can see, we’re very chaotic and unorganized.

We now have a joint release with Hamasho, chapter 178 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. You can find the link here:

So, sit back, have a laugh with us, and enjoy an (unexpected) chapter of SZS, if you haven’t already.


(P.S: Didn’t realize we didn’t have the lists translated for 134 when I posted last night, although GreenTea has probably already typeset everything else already. We’ll probably have a release for that sometime later this evening or tomorrow)


9 Comments to “Accidental…Joint Project?”

  1. Don’t know if… fuck yes!… or wtf?
    so, you are going to start translating the latest chapters and leave everything else behind or what?
    because if that is the case then this is down to shit

    • Think of it as more of a ‘wtf?’ situation, because the rest of us here are still translating volume 14. We’re going to work through previously released volumes (i.e. 15, 16, and 17) and get caught up to the current releases in Japan, and depending on where DelRay is with their releases, we’ll either start working backwards, or focus our effort on another manga altogether.

      I think this is just one of those funny one-off mistakes that happens all the time, we really only get credit for this because Fresh Prince of Despair is working between both groups, so we only get a token mention with this.

    • No we’re going in order. Well, at least Suimasen is. My translator wanted to cut to the latest (I assumed latest in Japan) chapter because, in his words paraphrased, “in celebration of the announcement of SZS Season 3”.

      By the way, did any of us mention Season 3?

  2. I wrote once in a e-mail to mekishiko “On a side note: Season 3 FUCK YEAH”.
    I assumed that you knew already.
    Good job there ftw.

  3. what else is this “Hamaso” groups working in?

    • Just SZS. While Suimasen seems to be more interested in translating chapters 130 and up, we thought about trying to do earlier chapters.

  4. This may be the funniest chapter yet. Thanks to all of you for the translation.
    I hope this chapter makes it into the anime, even though it might get everyone yelled at!

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