SZS Chapter 134 and Volume 13 Batch

by suimasenscans

Well, we’ve got SZS chapter 134 done, you can find the download link here:

For chapter 135, we’re about three-quarters done with translation, and just getting done with what we can before meki has to make a trip. He’s hoping he’ll be done before he leaves, but I’m not sure when that is. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Also, I’ll be taking Japanese classes starting with the fall semester, so maybe by the end of next spring semester I might be able to add translating to my skills list and we can take on another project or get through our current projects even faster, (come to think of it, Katteni Kaizo still has 24 1/2 volumes left to translate, so that would logically be the place to start)

Also also, I managed to find the time last night to update the “Releases” and “Current Projects” page, for any of you interested in those pages.

Finally, a word on the Volume 13 batch, we will never never never never upload it. Check back in an hour.

Here it is

Until next time


8 Comments to “SZS Chapter 134 and Volume 13 Batch”

  1. Why….just why!? it is common practice, after you are done with a volume, you need to come up with a batch for it…WTF!!!

  2. Wait, you’re taking japanese classes?
    Damn, I need to pick it up again.

  3. that would be great!!! i could use some help to keep things translating faster 😀

  4. Hello friends,
    The following does not have to do with SZS at all but i just felt that i needed to let you know…
    i went thru my emails looking for that special one titled “Yotsubato raw chapter 61” and what happens when i open it…a single page…a single page titled Yotsubato 60.5…with a drawing of Yotsuba being send to rest by Tomo, unaware of what was going on as i dont frequent Azuma´s blug since a couple of months back…i began to read the footer of the page, which in other words describes that hes going to put a hold on Yotsubato to start re-drawing all Azumanga Daioh….i dont know how to describe this…im way sad because im a fucking Yotsubato fan (and not because of lolissius Ena, but because of the manga as a whole) and im happy at the same time, because Azumanga Daioh was the first manga i ever translated myself and it was fucking awesome

    i dont know how to describe this…im just “????????”

    thought ill share that with you…see you until the next chapter

  5. Thanks for the vol.13 batch. You are magical man gods.

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