SZS Chapter 135

by suimasenscans

Well, another week, another chapter. You can find it here:

meki has teamed up with some of his Spanish friends and is providing translations for the new magical girl manga Fate/Kaleid 2wei. Since that’s part of the process meki uses to get us our English translations, we figured, why not go the extra mile and scanlate Fate/Kaleid 2wei as well? So, expect a release from (Mahou Shojou) Suimasen Scanlations of that soon, probably within the next couple of days.

Hopefully we’ll also have another chapter of Katteni Kaizo along soon, our translator for that hasn’t gotten back around to me with a translation yet, but I’m told to expect one sometime this week. Once I get that, it will probably be another three or four days before it is typeset and proofread, if finals are going my way. Otherwise, if I’m overworked with finals, I’ll probably just hold off on doing typesetting until the weekend.

Other various news, we’re going to host Hamasho’s releases until they can get together a site on their own, a process, I’m told, which is going to happen at some indefinite time in the future. We’re also cleaning and typesetting some of Hamasho’s old releases onto higher quality scans, at Fresh Prince’s request. We’re also looking for a cleaner willing to work on cleaning the raws for Fate/Kaleid. There’s some other stuff that I probably meant to announce earlier, but my calculus addled brain refuses to remember, so I guess I’ll just save it for a later post.

Until next time

EDIT: I’m so burnt out I didn’t even realize we were scanlating a spinoff series. *sigh*


3 Comments to “SZS Chapter 135”

  1. Heya! Thanks for bringin’ to us SZS!

    I just have a lil’ doubt… Do you have an idea of what happened with volumes 3 to 8? Entropy dropped it and skiped it ’til volume 9, and no one have continued it… (Guess u already knew that, but I’d rather write it down…)

    I guess you’d know about the missin’ volumes, cuz’ you’re translating and all that stuff, haha… Etto…

    Thanks for your time!

  2. We started with Volume 13 because those were the only scans we had at that time. We’ve since gotten the rest, so our goal is to scanlate up to the current volume in Japan, then start working back from there.


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