Fate/Kaleid PRISMA Illya 2wei

by suimasenscans

So, I mentioned the other day that we had Fate/Kaleid coming for you. As I was so out of things then, I didn’t realize it was a spinoff. Even more confusing to me is that I didn’t know what it was a sequel of. So, GreenTea gives me the proofreading version last night, and when I read it, everything suddenly made sense. Meki wanting to translate it before everyone else jumped on board. GreenTea scrambling frantically to get it typeset. It all comes together.

It’s a Fate/Stay Night spinoff.

And you can find it here:
Fixed version posted

A couple of things to note: first, these are from magazine scans, so this is an LQ release, and secondly, there’s gratuitous Engrish and German (Germaine? Jermaine? Jackson? The Jackson 5? Tito!) Oh, and the last page almost gave me a heart attack. I guess that’s more of a warning than a note, though.

Aside from all of this, I have the translations for the next two chapters of Katteni Kaizo in hand, and have gotten about half of one chapter scanlated. I’ll try to be done with that as soon as possible, but I feel like crap as I have come down with a sickness that is entirely unlike swine flu.

Speaking of swine flu, I heard a game of “What’s in my Pocket” on the radio today. See if you can guess what the answer was by the following clues:
1. I am tropical and exotic.
2. To get to me takes time and planning.
3. From my very heart, I spread sickness, as from a cup. As the agonized masses lay huddled in the street, dying, I open one of my six mouths to sing the song that will end the Earth.
If you haven’t guessed, the answer is “Mexico” (apologies to Meki)

SZS scanlation is currently at a standstill as Meki is on a business trip at the moment, although he’s still in contact with us, and has promised to work on chapter 136 in his spare time. And, if I feel like it, I may draw a banner of Magical Girl Suimasen. If I feel like it. Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough, and completely sidetracked myself, and somehow managed to get all the news out. I guess I’ll let you enjoy now. That is, IF YOU EVEN READ THIS FAR.

Until next time,


10 Comments to “Fate/Kaleid PRISMA Illya 2wei”

  1. So this is the sequel to the spin-off of Fate/Stay Night, Fate Kaleid Prisma Illya?

  2. >If you haven’t guessed, the answer is “Mexico” (apologies to Meki)

    Its ok, at least US is not locking up all mexicans and sending them back to the country just because they tought they had swine flu…Yes, im talking about YOU China

  3. When I’m trying to extract files there’s some error at the end of the process

    • he´s correct, the same happened to me when i received the email from GreenTea, the credits page is corrupted, but everything else worked just fine

  4. Sorry for it, but as I see, in the page 31, Illya calls the “Rho Aias” shield, no a “Low-Eye Ace”…

  5. Since about a month, I became a visitor of these blog (an irregular one, but a visitor). I really apreciate all your efforts bringing us all of you fantastic projects, but today I read these entry and, honestly, it got me real pissed off. I live in Mexico City, I (besides every citizen in this city) got caught by these so-called “epidemy”. A lotta restaurants broke, public transportation collapsed during the quarantine, most of the people were recruited in their own houses, and the rest were afraid and hostile at the very sound of a cough or a sneeze… And guess what? After all these shit passed, I didn’t found a single person who knew about a case of “swine flu” in the area, and I live in one of the most infected areas in the city, according the the goverment and the media. That wasn’t enough for me. When I got back to college – ‘cuz schools were totally suspended during the “quarantine”, I continued looking for a person who could tell me all that flu crap was real. But (un)fortunately, I didn’t find him/her. So, we’re tropical, exotic, and getting to us requires planning and saving, righta? I believe you don’t have the right to talk so light about Mexico. That kind of comments are pretty offensive to every one of the people who had to live this set up.

    I’m not writting these looking for a response (I oughta do it, though). I simply wrote these because everybody should be aware of all these xenophobic comments and bad joke; you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • this is too late of a reply…but anyway. chill out man, im Mexican myself, my nick Mekishikonoanon means (Mexican Anon) as im not from Mexico City but from the border city of Monterrey i might not be as affected as you, but belive me, the Joke up there, its that, just a Joke, just take it as that, we have tons of the so called “gringo” jokes, and they dont rage about it…

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