Fate/Kaleid 2wei v.2 [LQ]

by suimasenscans

Yo, it’s me this time, GreenTea.
Since there was some issues with the Fate/Kaleid 2wei.

-Fixed the credits page
-Changed “Low-Eye Ace” from page 31 into “Rho Aias”
(Thanks to Lisemer for pointing that out, confirmed through Wikiped.)

Because mekishiko is busy with work, it’s probably going to be a quiet week.
The only thing I have left to do is the re-edit of chapter 30 – which is btw. translated by Hamasho, the guys who brought us chapter 178. Why re-editing? Well, the quality of the RAW is pretty crappy compared to the later scans, so I make it more pretty, add some important SFX and so on.

Alright, ’till next time


2 Comments to “Fate/Kaleid 2wei v.2 [LQ]”

  1. Yo, I’ve also been busy which is why I haven’t been helping. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, let’s remind everybody that SZS officially released in the US. Buy it so you can show Del Ray that you care!

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