New despair for you

by suimasenscans

Ah.., GreenTea here.
I bring you 136 as Oyashiro promised – just a week later (heh).
(This time I ddn’t included an extra page, instead I made a recruit page since Oyashiro needs proofreaders.)

If you ask, WHY the hell was it delayed, it’s because I had birthday at the 20th May. Since that day everyone I know around me dragged me into their
“congratulation place”, which consumed to much time of my time. Add this and magically vanishing mails and you probably get the idea.

Also I got myself a new 20″ 16:9 screen for my comp which I use with my old 17″ screen, which means my speed increases a lot. You’re probably thinking “That’s so unnecessary.” but it makes a huge difference when you run many programms. A good example would be “I work on SZS and suddenly someone wants to chat with me.” You can use one screen for editing while the chatprogramm is on the other screen instead of changing the windows every few seconds. [Or watching anime while working =P]



19 Comments to “New despair for you”

  1. Cant download shit captain, some crazy mediafire error….

  2. Remember to despair about another year going by. 😉

  3. 20″ may be a good sized screen, but you’ve got a way to go to beat my 25″.

    Also inherited an (old, circa 2001/2002) printer/scanner from my grandparents today, dunno what I’m going to use it for yet, though.


  4. Thanks for release.
    Can you tell me list of chapters in each volume? I will arrange Sayonara manga in my pc.

  5. i think they are 10 chapters per volume:
    Vol 1 is 1 to 10
    Vol 2 is 11 to 20 and so on…

  6. I think there’s need for a proofreader on this chapter though, some of the grammar throws me…

    Though I could help! *Readies self to jump into a freshly-opening grave*

    • You’re good as hired, since the good Oyashiro is overloaded (our old proofreader became a victim of military training in the case you wanted to know).

      Don’t worry about jumping into a grave, I will prepare a funeral just for you.

    • I sent an email from google docs, something I’ve never done before, so I don’t know if the email got through to you. Just drop me a note if it didn’t come through, I’ll resend it through gmail if it didn’t.


  7. quick question.
    you guys going to scanlate fate/kaleid prism illya 2wei chapter 2?
    its been out for some days now
    just asking btw

  8. I officially declare this the post with the most comments on Suimasen.

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