SZS 137

by suimasenscans

I’m back and this time I bring you Chapter 137.
Sorry for not doing it faster, but hot weather does kind of affect my overall output. Also Oyashiro goes to a vacation for a week beginning saturday, charging his mental batteries. It’s the season of lazyness I guess.
Which brings me to our next release of Fate/Kaleid zwei, which I plan to bring out in two days. Really. I’m serious~!

I created a blog about me by the way:
Editing is not the only thing I do, and if you’re bored or interested visit the blog.
I promise I’ll write about interesting and useful things.



2 Comments to “SZS 137”

  1. “It’s the season of lazyness I guess.”

    Haha, yeah it is. Now that I have some major projects finished, I think I’m ready to contribute again. Sorry for being MIA without saying anything,

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