Here as promised…

by royalgreentea

… your MahouYuriLoli Manga,err,I mean chapter 2 of Fate/Kaleid Liner 2wei Prisma Illya. Who the hell came up with the name of that manga? This isn’t the Gold password of Golden Sun y’know. Download it here.

(Too bad I suck at redrawing… so it’s LQ for that time.)

Oh, and someone nice who goes under the the mail-adress of  aoikaminari@[Iwon’tgoanyfurther].?? pointed the pun of the title of SZS chapter 137 out, so I fixed it for you. You can get ver.2  it here. Special thanks goes to that person of course.

About the next release, nothing is done for the time, since I worked at that chapter with lightning-fast speed – for my terms. But Meki will probably send me an e-mail with work soon enough again, so don’t worry.



6 Comments to “Here as promised…”

  1. Lolis….FUCK YEAR!!!!!

  2. Anything for me to do? I haven’t got any emails in a while I might have accidentally let the spam filter block your addresses.

    • I dunno, but a new part came in today and we could need a proofreader – since Oyashiro enjoys his vacation.

      Sendin’ it to you now.

  3. thanks for scan this ^^ im a big fan of any type moon related xD

  4. i would like to suggest a better compression for the image though,

    45 Mb for a single chapter is gargantuan for scanlation works, if it’s b/w PNG8bit would be at around 15-20Mb tops and less than 10Mb with PNG8bit 32 shades.

    • tell me more about this…
      I’ve been searching for a btter compression for images, but I never found out how to do it efficiently. Does Photoshop support this .png format?

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