Katteni Kaizo 21 (finally)

by suimasenscans

Well, in the last couple of days, I had no less than two proofreaders apply to help out with Katteni Kaizo. Welcome Xianda and clonic to the fold, everyone! Now, I was hoping that before I left for vacation, I could do a double release of Katteni Kaizo, but chapter 22 is going to have to wait for my return, sadly. I’ve got a couple of hours before I have to leave, so I’m going to try to finish up chapter 23 ASAP, and do a double release of 22 and 23 when I return. Lest I ramble, indulging myself in the trappings of being the release manager, I present Katteni Kaizo chapter 21 for public consumption (only a few weeks behind schedule)


Apologies for not getting it up on Megaupload. I personally have a bandwidth problem (425mb combined upload and download per day sucks ass), so I don’t really have much choice in using mediafire, as megaupload’s uploader will get me to 99% uploaded and then break on me, wasting a precious few megabytes. Mediafire’s the only one that actually gets the job done. If anyone would like to reupload a version on megaupload, be my guest. Post a comment with the link in it, and GreenTea can edit the mirror into this post.

Anyway, taking a vacation, being lazy. See you all next week.

One Comment to “Katteni Kaizo 21 (finally)”

  1. That leg on page 12 is creepy.
    I never seen someone walk like that.

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