by royalgreentea

Thinking we already working on the next chapter? Unfortunaly we don’t =/. Meki seems to be very very busy with work again, and I didn”t hear anything about Oyashiro the past few days.

I’m bored. So what am I doing then?

Rewatching Azumanga Daioh. Yeah, I could watch the animes which are currently airing, but I don’t feel like watching K-ON and Eden of the Johny anymore. The only thing I’m still watching now is Natsu no Arashi, because it’s pretty good. (And because I’m a Shaft-fanboy) I watched Azumanga exactly 2 years ago, being my first non-shonen Anime. And guess what? After 2 years of building up my powerlevel, I get even the puns now. If you haven’t watched this classic, do it now. I mean it.

-GreenTea (Did I already mention that nobody wants to sub Zan SZS?)

P.S Didn’t want to clog up the front page with yet another post without a release, so I’ll just cut to the chase here. I’ve gotten done typesetting chapters 22 and 23 for Katteni Kaizo, those are awaiting proofreading at this moment. Meki is in DC for the next few days on a business trip (again? I think he’s really a CIA agent. I guess I can find out pretty quickly if I call him something other than his handle…on second thought, that’s not such a good idea)

And for those of you wanting those SZS comics that have been floating around /a/ for the last few weeks, don’t worry, I’m looking for someone who is willing to translate small bits for us. Hopefully we’ll find someone in the next couple of months. If you’d like to translate for us (warning, there’s no furigana with the script on these), please email us at suimasenscans@gmail.com


5 Comments to “…Eecho…”

  1. What if Meki travels around the world to destroy all kind of Metal Gears? And in between he translates for us? He would be a true patriot.

    (played to much MGS3)

    • LOL, i do travel around the world, but not destroying metal gears…i wish my job was that cool…dealing with all kind of weird bosses, having nice looking weapons, being able to camouflage with the background….damn you computer science, why cant you be cooler!!!!

  2. “-GreenTea (Did I already mention that nobody wants to sub Zan SZS?)”

    I’ve been thinking. If it goes untranslated for 6 episodes, should we jump in then?

    • I’ve been thinking about letting 3 episodes slip, but to be honest, I wouldn’t even allow one =P.

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