Here you go.

by royalgreentea

silence Sorry for the huge delay, here you go with chapter 139 featuring our mascot, Ai-chan. We’ve been quite busy for a while, especially mekishiko. I really hope that guy doesn’t overwork himself.

This chapter features half the filesize, thanks to someone who posted a comment in a previous post before. (Comment more – we need the feedback) Also features a small special extrapage from me. It’s really small.

For those who wait for Katteni Kaizo, Oyashiro is working on it now, aiming for a triple release.

And to the people who wonder if we really pick up the 3rd season: We (I?) will pick it up, if nobody subs it for about 3 episodes. But for that to be possible, I need some reinforcements. Namely, another Translator, a qualitychecker and more lessons in typesetting. If I think about it…, we always need more staff. Help.

-GreenTea (I just received my 300th E-mail – hurray)


6 Comments to “Here you go.”

  1. im just guys counting me in on this (possible Zan SZS subs) as a translator or editor?

    just wanted to know…to be prepared 🙂

    • I’m couting on you definetly as editor.
      As translator, because you got so such a tight timeshedule, probably is going to be our last straw. But of course, I you want to to it, go ahead. =P

      • Of course it’s only going to be the last possibility if we don’t find another willing translator in that time. (in that case – Which left me in Despair!)

  2. Hey, I appreciate your efforts to reduce the the filesize. At this very moment I’m sharing my internet connection with about 30 other people and it took me 10 minutes just to get the 7MB file. So it really helps me out if the file isn’t unnecessarily big.

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