by suimasenscans

Hot on the heels of SZS 139, I bring you a triple release of Katteni Kaizo. I had gotten a bit frustrated that we hadn’t been able to find a proofreader, so I eventually settled on releasing them as-is. It’s not that I think they’re terrible, but I’d like to at least do a quick QC job before they get released. Fortunately, GreenTea had a bit of time handy, so he got to work immediately, helping me out immensely. If anyone finds anything that needs to be explained, I’ll try and do a v2 if they need it at some future date.

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Actually, Volume 2 of the manga ends at Chapter 23, but since we only did a couple of Volume 2 chapters, I’m not sure its worth a batch upload of them. I’m also not entirely sure of the etiquette of uploading some other groups work as part of ours, so I’ll have to think about it. Comments welcome.

Also, as I mentioned, we weren’t able to find a proofreader. Fortunately, we have a prospective one getting geared up to do the job, so hopefully we can put an end to this dearth of proofreaders. Chapter 26 will be their first full chapter aboard, because I’m almost done with Chapter 25 (meaning it will probably be done sometime around this weekend).

I took the liberty of reorganizing the layout of the blog as well, as the old layout really wasn’t cutting it. You will probably have an easier time finding the releases with the new layout. I’m still kind of tweaking the setup here, so if you have a suggestion to add something, I’m taking comments and feedback.

Finally, I might mention our IRC channel, #suimasenscans at You may have seen it advertised at an earlier date, gone there, and found no one there. Well, I think those days are pretty much over, as either GreenTea or I have been there the majority of the last few days. If you’ll take a look at the textbox at the top of the widgets on this page, you’ll find the times that we’re normally on. I look forward to seeing a few of you around there!



  1. Just wanted to say thanks for picking up this series, I’d been wanting to read more of it for quite awhile.

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