Fansubbing, so easy, even a scanlator can do it.

by suimasenscans

Well, we’ve discussed the situation with CommieSubs, we’re going to do a joint release for Zan SZS. Instead of leaving subbing to the regulars, we’re kicking lolsubs to the curb and piercing the heavens with our (moe) drills! Our projected lineup for the project:

Hika – Translator.

GreenTea – Timing and Typesetting.

mekishikonoanon – Translator assistant.

Oyashiro – Script editor and proofreader.

CommieSubs – encoding and distro.

As I personally have a terrible internet connection, I’ll still be working on typesetting our regular projects, SZS in GreenTea’s place, and Katteni Kaizo, since I don’t have the bandwidth to do much with video (DAMN YOU HUGHESNET, WHY MUST YOU BE THE ONLY CHOICE IN RURAL AREAS)

Also, GreenTea wants to know what people want in their subs, so please comment.


10 Comments to “Fansubbing, so easy, even a scanlator can do it.”

  1. I think Oyashiro, your title makes unfortunaly a reference to a old post I’ve seen on CoalGuys, which said that the excact opposite. Be careful man, be careful.

  2. Great, i know you people will do the job just fine

  3. Let me handle half of the proofreading. I’ll take second half or maybe third sketch depending on what format they’re using now.

  4. Illya 2wei new chapter………..WHEN?!?!

    • TBA, seriously, we will do it, but we want to focus all our efforts in the Zan SZS sub, because we don’t want to suck, and our goal as always is to give you the best we can, so please bare with us

  5. Please use 720 if at all possible.

  6. oh, and gives two passes. One for just dialog and normal text. And later second one for all of the constant wall text that takes so much longer to translate.

  7. The show aired?
    are you guys working on the raw?
    release date WHEN?

  8. >Also, GreenTea wants to know what people want in their subs, so please comment.

    -720p if possible
    -no upscales please
    -the font used is ok

    and thats all i think…

    i dont care about karaoke but please not hardsub shit if possible

    just my opinion

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