140 and uhm… some information.

by royalgreentea

subzYou probably want the new chapter first. Get it here.
This chapter is kind of related to our new project, so enjoy it.

So we’re subbing the new together with [Commiesubs], those guys who have done Natsu no Arashi and Akikan! after Coalguys dropped it. I’m going to be typesetter again, so I’m be fighting hard to avoid bad editing so you can enjoy SZS and hopefully rewatch it again.

We could need some Quality Checker, so if you like to rant about other peoples works or just want to want the episode first (don’t think it’s free though, work is work >=P), consider to join us. Visit the IRC Channel, you’ll probably encounter me there. (#suimasenscans on irchighway.net)

For release date… uhm.. well.. give us 5 days after the first raw is released, we still need to get familiar with it, and don’t forget that a episode is 2-3 chapters at once, save the original content SHAFT throws in~.


Personally, I’d rather have waited to get the first release under our belts before we can give you a reasonable estimate when we can discuss a release schedule. So for now, take that prediction of a release within 5 days with a grain of salt.



2 Comments to “140 and uhm… some information.”

  1. “We could need some Quality Checker”

    On second thought, let me be the quality checker. Hell, if you want I can get a friend to help with QCing too as he’s dying to watch Zan as early as possible.

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