Katteni Kaizo 25

by suimasenscans

Well, managed to get a chapter of Katteni Kaizo finished before we slide into total anarchy while we get this “fansubbing” thing figured out. You can find it here. I’ve got two more chapters of Katteni Kaizo translated, so I really only have to typeset those before I’m caught up to Hika on that front. As Hika and mekishiko are both involved in subbing Zan, there’s probably not going to be much new material for a while after I get done with those. However, since GreenTea is busy with subbing as well, and I’m only working script control (which involves analysis of all things grammatical, something that I hadn’t been as involved in as much in the most recent chapters of SZS), I believe that I have been designated to typeset all of the SZS chapters featured in the anime.

Handy rule of thumb: SZS segments are 90% straight from the manga, 5% is added by SHAFT, and 5% of the original is dropped. So, with the help of meki, we’re going to reverse engineer the script from the anime, typeset that, and translate anything missing as needed. Two of the three segments that were in the Zan premiere today were actually done by us sometime since March, so we’re expecting the main job of getting things translated (lol copy as much from the manga as possible, fixing grammatical errors and such) to be fairly quick for those. And once we finish translating the final segment from the episode, we’ll typeset it and release the relevant chapter (I believe it’s chapter 112)

A quick word on our QC control process, before I close out. I realize that the last few chapters have had really bad grammar and typos, and that’s mostly because we’ve jumped the gun on releasing them for one reason or another. As the typos bug me immensely, I’ve asked the rest of the group to really focus hard on the QC process. This is truly an international group, and somehow I find myself as one of only a small number of people with English as the native tongue. Because I’ve been fairly busy with Katteni Kaizo, I haven’t been able to give the same critical eye to the translation in SZS. I’m hoping that eventually, we get back and tidy up the last few chapters. As a result of some of the problems we’ve been having in this area, I’d like to ask those experienced and skillful with English to volunteer for Proofreading.

I’ve rambled on and taken up a bit of your valuable time. Suimasen!


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