Zan SZS 01 — Coming soon

by suimasenscans

Alright, two posts in a single day for the same topic is bad form, but here’s what I believe we’re doing.

We’re going to be releasing the first episode as soon as Crypt from Commiesubs gets up, fixes a few errors in the script, and muxes the final release. This will be called something like “Zan SZS 01 – Basic Translation”. This will have the dialogue and most of the important backgrounds (i.e.not the Shinbo lol randum xD backgrounds, or Sensei’s despair lists). Doing any more than this requires editing the video itself, which will take a bit of time.

After this release, we’re aiming to get “Zan SZS 01 – Deluxe Translation” out hopefully by Friday or Saturday. If it’s not out by then, it’s probably going to be put off until we get a break, or until after the season’s over, if it comes to that. The good news is that many of our big problems, such as getting the OP and ED translated, won’t have to be done again, so episode 2 might be out a bit sooner than this one.

Anyway, that’s the plan at this moment. Everything is subject to wild change.

P.S. Enjoy some Harumi underboob/sideboob while you wait.


6 Comments to “Zan SZS 01 — Coming soon”

  1. Feels good man.

  2. Stop the cocktease!

  3. release now fuckheads

  4. ULTRA RULE!!!!

  5. Anyone who scans, subs and/or releases anything to do with SZS

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