It’s alright~

by royalgreentea

Untitled-2It’s been nearly a week since I posted, and I got several updates for you.

First, in celebration for the new season (and because I wanted to do that – special thanks to Hika!) chapter 157[here]. It introduces the new character Kanako Oora, a really open-minded girl and you gonna love her… probably~

Another chapter is already on the verge of completition, so expect it around the time when we release the sub for Zan2, introducing another two students.

Since we’re talking about Zan… sorry, I gotta stay out from subbing because of RL trouble (education *tsk*), so I need get some things done before I can even reconsider to re-join the subbing force. That means NO backgrounds for episode 1 from “me”, but don’t worry, “Oya is already doing them for episode 2.”

I heard release time for is going to be somewhere in the next 24hours…  so expect an update very soon.

(Oya’s constantly HNNNNGing on Kafuka’s song on a unrelated note =P) [Suimasen (I’m sorry!) count in Zan2-> 13]



7 Comments to “It’s alright~”

  1. Thanks!

  2. you guys drooped Illya 2 or what?

  3. Unrelated, I know… but…
    Katteni Kaizo Ch 20 link is broken.

  4. Page 9, “14th angle” wat

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