Zan 2!

by royalgreentea

This isn’t suppose to be my job anymore, but since Oya’s sleeping, and I unexpectly was released from my duties today I’m going to do the update today. This time we have 10000x more typesetting (unlimted backgrounds works), so enjoy your new backgrounds (we covered most of them), download either the normal version ->here<- or the SD version.

Have fun – GreenTea

PS: Chapter 158 will also be released today, just later. I’m going to stuff it in this post as well, so stay tuned. Uhm, see above.

5 Comments to “Zan 2!”

  1. arghghghg where are the title cards

    (Thanks, also!)

  2. At 06:16, the first line should be Taiwan + Sweets + Nagura + Sailor Suit, since it’s a reference to Marina Watanabe. More explanations and references can be found at Kouji Kumeta World Wiki 🙂

    Btw, I can’t see anything beyond the word “fashion” for the first subbed line @ 6:16, as the rest is cut off for me on screen. It’s worse when the playback is in full screen mode. (The cut-off is at Nagura +.) Perhaps a smaller font size can be used (by CommieSubs)?

    All in all, thank you very much for subbing the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series 😀 !

  3. Im having a problem with this, Im using KM Player and the subtitles do not show up (it works for other subbed anime though)

  4. nvm i fixed it myself. thanks though.

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