Hey, wanna buy this?

by royalgreentea

grinJoking, of course it’s free. I know I’m late with this, but here is your chapter. I was slacking off, sorry.

It introduces two new girls, who both sell things questionably and… just read it yourself! There’s also Kiri, you’ll like it.


PS: Hika decided to take up magical loli *cough* I mean Fate/Kaleid 2wei, so cheer up.

P.S to the P.S: Since you’ve all been good little boys and girls, you get Chapter 103 as well! Also, I’ll try to have chapter 154 done before I get a flood of work for episode 3 of Zan.



8 Comments to “Hey, wanna buy this?”

  1. Hey, many thanks for scanlating this great series! Can’t imagine what’ll happen if I don’t get my fix of SZS.

    Ah! I’m in Despair!! 🙂

  2. That’s a great chapter. Thanks.

  3. Great! I love the android part.

  4. Wait….Oya, didnt i already gave you tons and tons and tons of script work for Episode 3?!?

    get to wooooooork!!!!


  5. Hurr durr

    Download link doesn’t work

  6. I love this chapter! I love it whenever SZS mixes cute with funny. Did Nami shoplift a sensei body part there?

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