Zan SZS 3 TL notes and the sort

by suimasenscans

MKD2First of all, may i ask you…did u rike it?
because we sure did enjoyed going trough the process of subbing this episode 😀

now, to the serious business part of this -> nhaa, im just to lazy, so here it goes; I created a quick reference guide providing only some of the most important aspects of the episode that some people may not understand, also in this post, you will find some lists that we couldn’t get typesetted into the episode because of either time, or because our typesetter is just to lazy (i will go with time, because i know he does work like the fist of the northstar)


this episodes “Continuing from the previous volume” story comes from volume 4 of the manga.


Same lyrics, new fucking great animation about the catastrophic end of the world, UFO’s and the after life.

Part A:

Tile Cards before Chapters title:
-Be late
-Tell a lie
-Take a photo
-Search for that person’s information
-Hire a hitman
-Raise from the back

These are all referenced to “Golgo 13”, a manga series written and illustrated by Takao Saito, published in Shogakukan’s Big Comic magazine since January 1969. In 1976, the manga won the 21st Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga. The series follows the titular character, a professional assassin for hire.

Chapter 163 “The Tragedy of X”
The title is based on an Ellery Queen Mystery Novel from 1932.
Expect this chapter to be scanlated soon by ourselves as well 😀

Mishima at 4:35:
Mishima Yukio was the pen name of Kimitake Hiraoka, a Japanese author.

Junichi at 5:19:
It’s the famous drama actor Ishida Junichi, also famous because he hasn’t worn any socks in a long long time.

eu Box presents at 06.13:
This is actually au by KDDI, some kind of package sold for christmas ->

Despair list at 8:00
Did you ever think we were going to typeset that in the actual episode? Even if we were do so, there are some lines that do not even show entirely, and you’d be pausing the thing back and forth for around 20 minutes just to read all of them… so here they are:

-NEETs switches go ON when pensions are discussed
-White people’s switches go ON when whales are discussed
-When a Salaryman passes by an OL and perceives her perfume, his switch goes ON
-Curry spices turn switches ON
-Grandpa’s switch is turned ON when we talk about Rabaul
-Country Samurais turn switches ON
-Mannish people turn Tomiko’s switch ON
-Junior high students switches turn ON if they get under a Kotatsu while watching Christel
-Japanese grandma’s switches are turned ON when they hear of Bae Yong Joon
-In “The Show Club”, switches are turned ON before the hot water segment
-Yasuha’s switch is turned ON before the press arrives
-Our neighbor country’s switch is turned ON when we talk about islands
-Yuji Oda’s switch is turned ON when he sees an imitator
-Danshi Tashikawa’s switch is turned ON when Manchukuo is discussed
-Duncan’s switch is turned ON when he hears “2nd Place”
-Sengokushi fan’s switch is turned ON when someone discusses redcliffe
-Ide’s switch turns ON when a newborn scream is heard
-Hiroki’s switch turns ON when someone talks about tuna
-Nakamura’s switch goes ON when someone talks about patents
-Master’s switch turns ON when someone talks about “Anne of Green Gables”
-Our company president’s switch turns ON when someone speaks about Nobunaga
-A mangaka’s switch is turned ON when he sees a “Happy Sunday Calendar”
-Hata-kun’s switch turns ON when someone talks about Hayashibara
-Maeda-kun’s switch turns ON when he hears about Bon-Bon Blanco
-Futaoka’s switch turns ON when he takes a taxi
-Masa Yamamoto’s switch turns ON about RC’s
-Sensei’s switch turns ON when the national anthem is sung in unison

Part B:

Tile Cards before Chapters title:
-Protect newborn lives
-Do not establish the gender ilegally
-Be prudent about your requests
-Do not name it through mail
-Admit it when you abandon it
-Social development of children and parents must stick to the previous

This refers to the newborn’s hatch in use in japan:

Chapter 096 “I can’t make the resolution to go back to Japan”
The title itself is a line used by one of the characters of Michio Takeyama’s Novel “Harp of Burma” ->
Expect this chapter to be scanlated soon by ourselves as well 😀

Movies at 9:54:
The one sensei chose is “Chekerappu” which in reality is a Japanese movie named “Chekeraccho!!” which stands for “check it out yo!” ->
Next to it is “Letters from the flag” which in reality is a good movie named “Flags of our Fathers” ->
and the last one is “Our parents in Iwo Jima” which in reality is “Letters from Iwo Jima” ->
… as you can see Kumeta mixed the names of both movies quite well.

Ikyuu-san at 10:54:
I don’t know if I have to address this… but it’s based on the TV show “Who wants to be a Millionare” ->

Mangas at 11:37:
The Q-ute one is referencing the idol group C-ute which consist of 7 girls from the “Hello! Project Kids” ->
The other one says Labu.La.Doru… wich could mean “Labrador”.

Harajuku and Houya at 12.03:
Harajuku is the common name for the area around Harajuku Station.
Houya is also a zone around Houya Station.

Nishiogi at 12:09:
It’s a Tokyo area as well, but not around either Harajuku or Houya.

Big full of Kanji letters from Kaere to the school representatives at 13:04:
There’s no way I would translate that if we wanted to release this episode in time… basically it’s a huge fucking baaaw letter from Kaere to the School representatives, blaming Nozomu for his acts.

Kafukas wonderful third choices at 15:16:
-Japan’s Representatives? Brazil’s Representatives? Let’s choose Qatar’s Representatives!
-Given up on a stamped seal, could boost a bit more, make him a training player.
-Hesitating between: Miyasaki? or Takahata? Pick the director.
-Merger or sale? Let’s start a new baseball team.
-Go to the sea? Go to the mountains? Let’s stay at home in the closet.

DoCoMo and au at 15:18:
DoCoMo its a mobile phone operator in Japan ->
au is a Japanese telecommunications operator ->

Tamayo at 16:00:
Marukawa Tamayo is a Japanese politician and former announcer of TV Asahi ->
What this has to do with clay… I’ll find out.

Kiri-chan’s note at 16:43:
The first 2 kanjis are “Ki tsu” her name; the last 3 ones are “Mi ra kuru” the name that her parents didn’t pick; next to each set of kanjis is the stroke count, on the right the total stroke count adds up to 32 and on the left, the stroke count of those combinations also add up to 32, so it’s an equally perfect name… for her.

Part C

Tile Cards before Chapters title:
-You don’t have confidence
-You have a lover that you can’t love because you dont mean it
-Your ideas are weak
-You don’t have a valid opinion
-You always ask how other people look like
-You can’t order or make someone do something

This refers to what may happen if you grow up with over-protective or excessive care

Chapter 104 “Doctors Excessive Care”
The title is a word play of the Boris Pasternak novel “Doctor Zhivago” ->

Takeda Shingen at 19:27:
Was a feudal lord with military prestige who sought the control of Japan; The film Kagemusha, by director Akira Kurosawa, loosely depicts a well known version of his death in which a single sniper shot him at night. The other aspects of his death depicted in the film were artistic liberties taken by the director.

Manga at 20:15:
It’s a Hayate no Gotoku manga.

laminated article at 20:57:
It’s a Gundam 00 article.

Invoice at 21:13:
JuSRAC its actually JASRAC “the Japanese Society of Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers” ->

Last pic at 20:34:
It’s an image by Nakamura Asumiko ->

And that is about it, as i said, nothing to complex or deep, just quick and understandable, i know i did not add hundreds of references used in the episode, but c’mon, translating a SHAFT anime is a hell of work, and you end up so tired that the last thing you wanna see is reference links to more fully loaded kanji webpages.

final funny note:
for those of you who read the manga, you may have noticed that SHAFT did a little mistake animating chapter 096; At around 0:09:48 screen time, when Sensei is hesitating about which DVD to pick, both of his doubtful selections are the same single DVD, while on the manga version, he does try to select between the “Letters from a flag” and “Our Parents Iwo Jima” DVD’s

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  1. WTF?! The opening of episode 3 is … AWESOME!

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