Katteni Kaizo 28

by suimasenscans

Alright, just finished typesetting Katteni Kaizo 28, which is the last of the chapters that I have a translation script for, so further work is stalled until Hika finds the time to translate some more (she’s pretty busy IRL). Until then, I’ll content myself with typesetting the chapters of SZS that GreenTea is drowning under. Anyway, you can find the new chapter here.

Also, the stalled project underscores our need for translators. Even at the rate of releasing a volume a month, which works out to about a chapter every three days, a rate that I doubt that many of us here can keep for long, it’s still going to be two long years before we’re done with this series. So, if you can translate, and have a little free time each day, contribute it to us. We’ll try to get you set up with a typesetter/proofreader team to do a chapter or two for later release. Every little bit helps.


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