Some major news for ya.

by royalgreentea

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for teaGreenTea here.

It’s been 2 weeks (or 3?) since my last update here on Suimasen. I needed to go outside of my house, and have become a student in a school for clothing and fashion, (they forced me to it, I swear). ‘Cause of that,  I was busy like hell, but since everything is pretty much set now, I can begin my new daily life and finally get back to working stuff here.

So for the news.. the most important one is that Zan SZS is dropped. You probably asking either -Why!?- or -about fucking time!- now. The reason why the quality varied so much in the episodes was related to the working power we had at that time. (We had the most people working on EP3 btw.) But then something happen I don’t know the details of (like pretty much everything in our sub apartment), our staff dropped to one single man in EP 5. That one is meki, our TL. Like a madman he made about 95% of the sub for that episode. I’m suprised he’s alive… But because it’s suicide, I told him to drop it. [“Let it go my son. Put aside Aegisub… and live.”]  He agreed, therefore it’s dropped. And thanks to Commie, for cooperating with us.

Since it’s dropped, good news, translating the manga is top priority again. So about them:
Fate/Kaleid Zwei 3 is typesetted by me atm, TL goes to hika and me combined (I do the german stuff)
Fate/Kaleid Zwei 4 is going next, by meki, he’s burning for it to do it for a while.
– After that SZS 190 will be scanlated, a request from me to meki. Yeah, I also want to know more about Kitsu Tane.
-then there will be more Katteni Kaizo chapters done by Oya. Scripts (two of ’em) are existing atm, release is up to Oya.
– Last but not least all those SZS Chapter we subbed. Done by me, will be done if I have nothing else to do… or if Oyashiro is bored. (he got 141)

Alright, I get back to work.
-GreenTea (Ex-hikky now)

EDIT: Meki wanted to gave you an updated last script, so -here-, while you wait for gg. I like their subs, I really do. ….Kyun. (pretend you didn’t read that last word)

10 Comments to “Some major news for ya.”

  1. If Meki decided to continue subbing ep5. He’s really inhuman

    *rolls away*

  2. you guys > gg

    • Lol wut?

      seriously, we aimed for that, but we just didnt have the stamina and horsepower staff to do it…now….i feel 5 years older, i must relax translating manga at a nice peace instead

  3. >- After that SZS 190 will be scanlated

    Dont think so Tea!, 105 is next after mahou loli 4, just after that…190

    meanwhile i take a break…a desired break

  4. Man, it’s so hard to keep up with a lack of a computer.

    I want to say that I’m sorry for not being too helpful/useful in the past month. I still express interest in contributing however.

  5. So in which episode/chapter did Kitsu Tane appear? I don’t remember her at all.

  6. The script is… hilarious. He should have dropped it long ago. What he needs now is rest and some Japanese lessons.

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