If I see one shitty raw of that chapter again…! (SZS magazine 190)

by royalgreentea

suimapost copyWhat’s with that chapter? Why did you do that? Who’s that girl? Find it out ->here<-

Actually, the reason why we did that chapter, is just because we (that means me) wanted to that.
Next time is going to be a special release. and after that is Fate/Kaleid (again?) …and then comes regular Zetsubou.
And Oya is on a school trip, so I don’t really know when KK is released. Gotta go now.

I nearly forgot, some words from meki about that chapter:
“fucking enjoy it or ill kill you!”
(I hope you’re going to enjoy the chapter)
“we do this for free and past our wrok hours, so fuck those bastards who dont enjoy it!
(We work very hard on hour releases so we hope that we get more people to read it)

-GreenTea (who has low bloodpressure for some reason)


6 Comments to “If I see one shitty raw of that chapter again…! (SZS magazine 190)”

  1. Nah, who cares about the order of the chapters? I’m fine whenever I get a new one to read.
    Good job.

  2. Oh god, Chiri’s bustier and leggier sister. Oh GOD.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  3. And so another joins the harem

  4. A hundred chapters later and they finally introduce her sister? Awesome.

  5. I demand@SHAFT to animate this chapter

  6. I was reading SZS Volume 3 (from DelRey, make sure you go buy it at some point), and I noticed for the first time that Kafuka has a NEET brother and a sister who can’t find true love. I wonder if they’ll make an appearance in later chapters…

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