so…i herd some things

by suimasenscans

Specifically that you liek loli. On GreenTea’s suggestion, I took up a side project beside Katteni Kaizo, because Kaizo’s adventures well, were starting to get on my nerves after working on them almost constantly week after week. So, the gods came down and handed me a one-shot called Bloody Little Circus. The basic combines loli, vampires, and circuses, which if I’m not mistaken are several fetishes of our Dear Readers (don’t worry though, no clowns for those of you afraid of them.)

You can find it here.

Well, school is in now, and I’ll try to do what I can while planning around it, but most of my day’s going to be spent at the university until December. Also, I don’t know where GreenTea got the idea that I was in the mountains, unless he was thinking mountains of schoolwork. College is pretty time consuming on my end, especially considering that I’m aiming for a scholarship that pays me $13,000 a year on top of getting a free ride for tuition. Oh well. Work on Katteni Kaizo 31 continues.


6 Comments to “so…i herd some things”

  1. The mediafire link doesn’t seem to be working on my end (the page loads, but when directed to the download link, I’m receiving a “Failure to connect to web server” error.)

    Can anyone put up a megaupload link?

  2. You heard damn right! But I’m having the same download error. Dunno, usually MediaFire works fine for me.

  3. Same here. The connection times out everytime I try to download it. I tried other mediafire links and they work fine.

  4. I strongly suspect that the problem is that one of mediafire’s servers went down, and that it will probably be running again by tomorrow morning. GreenTea, meki and I were able to download the file earlier when we were checking for errors, which was about 6:00pm CDT.

    Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about it right now. My home internet connection is pretty much shot, and it dies for extended periods when I try to upload from my end. I would be more than willing to put a mirror up on megaupload, but I’m completely incapable of doing so because of my connection.

    Just about the only thing I *can* do is give you a link to our mangahelpers page, where I uploaded it earlier for some e-peen. You may be able to download it here:

    If it’s still not working by tomorrow afternoon, then maybe GreenTea can reupload it for you all.

    My sincerest apologies for the problem.

  5. Bunnicula?

  6. Unlimited download works. That is one cute vampire. She could suck my blood anytime.

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