I’m late… (Fate/Kaleid Extra chapter and Joshiraku 1)

by royalgreentea

suipicHi there guys, GreenTea here.
I know I’m a bit late, but I was kinda busy this weekend.
There’s no triple release, but a double release will do it too, right?

Well, the first thing is Fate/Kaleid. It’s an Extra chapter this month. Click here to download.

The new series we will bring you is Joshiraku, a manga by Kumeta Koji (for those who don’t know, he makes our SZS and KK) and that ToraDora Illustrator whose name I forgot. Anyway, take a peek since it’s worth it, download it here. It’s pretty nice.

This week, I plan to go crazy with releases. Tomorrow’s another chapter of Joshiraku (monthly btw) and some Aki Sora chapters a certain kind anon gave me (;_; hero).
And then everything else our TLer throw at me. I got plenty of coffee.

-GreenTea (I love ice-cold strawberry milkshakes.)

EDIT: I just noticed… It’s our 6 month anniversary.


5 Comments to “I’m late… (Fate/Kaleid Extra chapter and Joshiraku 1)”

  1. Sept 14th here, so no.

    also staff 4-komas where?

  2. Hi there! Since I read Fate/Kaleid 1 or 2, I’ve been waiting for each new chapter. Also, i didn’t notice about the special chapter as I visited your website.
    An excellent job, i must say; but please, hurry up and bring me new chapters!! I can’t live without them!!

  3. I am in love with this series as Illya is the star ( Call me the Loli Musketters)

    So is it one chapter for each month? or Four chapter at once?

  4. hahahaha, i like when shirou gets tortured for some reason he doesn`t even aware of, lol ^0^
    anyway thanks for great chapter

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