Aki Sora 8 and Sunsets

by royalgreentea

1251115100707Okay okay… what to say….
I’ve always wanted to work on my first project since my previous group Waifu died.
Thanks to a certain kind anon, I can finally work on it again… for a while at least =P. It isn’t a Suimasen release, but I ain’t got any other place to put a link in. Enjoy.

Download chapter 8 here.
[…it’s good, but +18 so take care – that’s also the reason why’s there a random pic]

That creditpage is handrawn by me, and the name of the scanlation group is completly made up, again by me.

-GreenTea (Haven’t receive any new 4koma =/)


14 Comments to “Aki Sora 8 and Sunsets”

  1. Oooh, thank you very much, Itosugi Masahiro’s ecchi and hentai mangas are awesome!

    Although I gotta ask – has chapter of Aki Sora 7 been translated by someone other than WAIFU? The mangaupdates page doesn’t lit it.

  2. I can’t seem to find a translated version of chapter 7 of aki sora either. Does anyone know where to find it?

  3. Great to see this series being translated again

  4. Won’t read 8 until I can read 7.

  5. Thanks for this. I just hope the story doesn’t end the same way as some of the other author’s similar stuff. :\

  6. thanks for 8 but if you could get 7 doe hell just translate it and offer the words to read along with the rawr that would do

  7. Anonymous said:
    Thanks for this. I just hope the story doesn’t end the same way as some of the other author’s similar stuff. :\

    Well, so far the only female character Aki hasn’t had the hots for is his (step) mother, so hopefully it’ll have a 2-Love-Ru type ending instead of a Nice Boat one…

  8. Hey guys

    gg subs group is being faggots about Zan SZS

    You guys should take over

  9. Okei just read Aki sora chapter 8 I just have too say, godamm, really godamm…..

  10. mf link for ch.8 is broken.
    please fix it.

  11. Thanks for this… Are you going to continue translating it? Thanks again…

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