Aki Sora 9? No, I mean yes.

by royalgreentea

zoomjapIt’s out and it’s pretty short compared to the last two. Download it here.
With this I ran outta Aki Sora Ammo for now, but it seems chapter 10 is somehow on it’s way here.

That’s why the next is gonna be SZS again (fuck yes, I was waiting for that and you hopefully too.)

-Greentea (Oh and here’s my 4koma)

[I love the cardcrusher]

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26 Comments to “Aki Sora 9? No, I mean yes.”

  1. Glad to see someone is still working on Aki keep up the great work

  2. Uhm, 10 is released already, as is 11

  3. you can find volume 1 & 2 raw plus chapter 10 & 11 raw on mangahelpers

  4. Your site! It’s wrong!

    • We’re disguising ourselves. We’re actually pretty deep in despair. The number of people who have come to our blogs for pr0n and not our other projects has left us in despair.

      In reality, GT and I were getting a bit tired of the old layout, which looked pretty messy. This layout’s a bit cleaner. I’m just reorganizing stuff to fit at the moment.


  5. Thanks for this

  6. SZS 196 TL script send…edit, typeset and release…FUKKEN RELEASE NAO!!!!!

    btw, that 4-koma is not like me at all….

  7. Thank you for the release. Interesting enough, and most readers can attest about this with me, we are reading this serie for the story rather than the pron. So as I demand, unlimited release works!

  8. I know Meki, and he is nothing like how is depicted in the 4-koma

    in b4 “U MAD”

  9. Hey when do you think chapter 10 is gonna be done?

    Lol, cuz right now on mangafox aki-sora is ranked#13. I wanna see if we can get into the single digits if the site would even display it on the homepage for the top 10 ranked. Idk because of the content maybe. I bet you alotta curious kids would pop their cherries lol if they read a chapter. It’d be hilarious.

  10. anyone know if chap. 6 has been released? i can’t find it anywhere

  11. thanx man, i really ike this manga^^

  12. So? Any updates on Aki-Sora chapter 10? Possibly 11 too? When do you guys think you can get one or both up?

  13. Why the hell does mangafox have chapter 11 and mangaupdates says some unknown group has done chapter 11 (I say unknown cos they don’t have an entry in the mangaupdates database), but chapter 10 isn’t?

    I’m looking and looking…

  14. MangaHelpers.com posted up Aki-Sora Chapter 10 MQ/HQ RAW


  15. Greetings!Does anyone know where I can find chapter 12?SPOILER!!!!\/\/\/\/\/\/

    [yellow]Looks like Sora gets in a threesome,being forced to wear a maid outfit!O_O[/yellow]

  16. Thanks so much for all of your dedication and hardwork on this you people made my day 🙂 and SZS is mad funny I’m grateful for sharing that with the fans too. Happy holidays!!

  17. Hey, you’re using my picture without permission! 😉

  18. It says “Chapter 7: When the rain has stopped”
    Editting error?

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