Exactly as planned… (and SZS 196)

by royalgreentea

postIntroducing a new unnamed character, download the new chapter here!
For those who read my quick message yesterday, let me explain. I kinda slowed down at the final stage of the release which ended up nearly messing up my plan to sleep for 6 hours. I barely made it – prepared everything perfectly… and overslept. Tsk. Ah I just remembered… Suimasen is not your blog. Got my own blog… kinda dusty there. So I should work on it again.


(From Oyashiro: I wanted to put this image at least in part of the credits page, but I was too late in convincing GT to add it. +30 gg points (we stole them from koda) if you can figure it out.)


10 Comments to “Exactly as planned… (and SZS 196)”

  1. i might have become blind…what the hell is that thing between the hanger and the chloroform? a pregnancy test…chpsticks…what is it?

  2. What a weird girl… but man, that was fun watching her mess with everyone’s heads.

  3. what is this i dont even

  4. I would like to play a game.

    • You still live?

      • Yeah. I was waiting for another email but I never got any and forgot about it. Then just to see what’s up, I decided to search for this blog.

        If you’ve been sending me messages, I think I should change my address.

  5. Post the damn answer now!

  6. How i can contact you???

    I have something to ask but i think this is no the correct place…

    A yeah, thanks for all your hard work, this chapter was great, my favorite until now 😀

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