by suimasenscans

-It’s how I look when I’m tired-
Kinda slow this week. It seems like everyone’s busy with something unrelated to manga.

The post will turn into a release if we finally manage to fuse magic and science into a beef burrito.

-GreenTea (That means around sunday I guess)

EDIT: What the heck happened to the blog while I was asleep?
EDIT2: Good thing it’s back to normal…~

3 Comments to “\/=_=\/~~”

  1. What happened is someone with a love of Mexican food apparently added sombreros and a Yuuki-riding-a-burrito image. There’s an obvious candidate, but whether it’s them…

  2. Oh tu!

  3. i was out of town away from any computer for the whole weekend…so it was not me…besides, even thou i am mexican, i dont like burritos that much, i prefer my carne asada tacos…thanks!

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