Maybe… (Fate/Kaleid 5)

by royalgreentea


…I’m a litte late. Anyways, release comes before my boring blog post. Get the new chapter ->here<-.

Aaaaanyways, it has become pretty quiet here in suimasen in the last 3 weeks. The reason is a wonderful mix between busy, work, school, a wave of unfortunate unluckness and the force of lazyness. Meki’s doing something else meanwhile, so my next project will be… guess something with a Ferris Wheel…

-GreenTea (who disguised himself as cosplayer… wait what?)


8 Comments to “Maybe… (Fate/Kaleid 5)”

  1. Oh yes, yes, yes!! It finally came as you promised…. but I’ve just read it and i want more… Do I have to wait another month? It’s torture waiting so long, i need more Ilya or I’ll have to do something beneficial with my life!!

  2. New chapters come out on a monthly basis, but GT stalled on it so long it’s going to be time for a new chapter soon.

  3. thi i great chap;ter 5 is out, thanks for your great work.

  4. Ah, that commercial for the Nova English school…

    … also, poor Ilya. 😀

  5. Thanks for the new chapter I was waiting for it this series is so fun

  6. You’re not gonna do the bonus chapter? The one with Shirou, Luvia and Rin?

  7. pfft..khu..khu..huhu. thanks for nice chapter ..uhuhu
    *cough cough* it was funny lol

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