Not to be outdone…

by suimasenscans

Finally found the willpower and time to finish Katteni Kaizo chapter 34. You can find it >here<. My apologies for taking so long with this, but I’ve been extremely busy with school, and I don’t really see any end to that trend in sight. Because of that, I’m planning to go on semi-hiatus with my work in the group. Because of this, we need a typesetter and an editor, so email us if you want a job. (GreenTea, don’t worry, I’m still going to be idling on IRC between classes, I’m not quiting!) There’s not going to be too much going on, since Hika’s busy with her university thesis project, meki’s fairly busy with work, and our new translator forestsprite is helping out gg with one of their shows. There’s a few scraps to work on, if you’re just starting out and want a light project to work on.

Finally, I need to ask, what are our reader’s feelings on Katteni Kaizo? It’s by far our smallest project, and only gets about a quarter of the traffic that SZS and Fate/Kaleid 2 draw. (Not to mention Aki Sora, but that’s a different story entirely.) I don’t mean to whine or anything, but it seems like it’s a series that just gets ignored, and it’s really depressing to do the work on it only to have it fall by the wayside. Let us know what you think, please.


10 Comments to “Not to be outdone…”

  1. Just poping in here to give my opinion. I stil like Aki Sora :). Every now and than I check if there is anything new from the series. Keep up the great work, though it will be dis-heartening if Aki Sora gets push aside 😦

  2. Katteni Kaizou… well, it does have the typical Kumeta-sensei style but in a direct comparison to SZS it can’t keep up, it’s just not as brilliant and the jokes are too cheap.

    I guess if I had read this before SZS, I’d be able to enjoy it more. That’s my 2 cents, I’ll still read it though.

  3. I suggest you to scanlate first small but somehow successful manga series. Because you are busy and have little time to work this scanlation site, I prefer you guys to work only short or slow manga series. Making and accomplishing small successes makes you more satisfied with yourselves.

    Katteni Kaizo is funny, crazy and surrealistic, but it’s too long and it takes forever to end the whole series. Making hiatus KK would be a good idea until the day you have enough time and the will to continue. Anyway, I won’t read it because in my country it’s already publishing it.

    Aki Sora and Fate/Kaleid are great manga series to start with, and I want you guys to keeping on these works regularly.

  4. Hmmm…
    So far, I enjoy working on Kaizo, somehow I grew some fondness with this series, despite the hellish amount of text and losing my willpower once in a while.
    Yeah, the numbers of how many volumes was somewhat discouraging me and I often doubt myself if I can finish it or not.
    I believe it’ll take years… hell, even a volume took about half a year to finish.

    Point is, I don’t mind to continue translating it (whether later it ends up as a joint or being put aside xD Yes, I’m that selfish xD)

  5. I think KK is a great series, and this was the first (and only place) that I found it. And it’s cool that you guys take your time to do this series, no matter how little attention it receives.

  6. Well, i’ve always loved KK and was so happy you guys decided to pick it up. I don’t think i’ve posted my thanks before and i am really sorry for being an ungrateful leecher but i kove your work guys!

  7. I think KK is one of the best comedy manga I’ve seen.
    It does have a bolder approach on the humor than SZS, and that’s what I like about it. I’m always look forward to it.

  8. in all truthfulness, i like this series. much more than aki-sora.
    well, i only read it today (all the chapters) but i quite enjoy it and would LOVE moar chapters.

    well thats mai opinion on this anyway

    on a sidenote. thanks for the hard work ^^

    • oh i forgot to say

      – i havent read fate/kaleid but im not too interested. its only wishlisted XD. SZS was alright….. but its got no real storyline… i guess this doesnt either but for some reason i prefer this one more. oh + the missing-out-of-chapters on SZS made me a little less motivated to continue it. =P

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