Look, a ferris wheel~ (Aki Sora 10 -.-“)

by royalgreentea

Ferris Wheel Yo. GreenT here.
Today I’m releasing my Ferris wheel project (actually it’s just Aki Sora), so feel free to enjoy it!
(Can’t believe nobody clicked on it when it was only “Ferris Wheel”)
Now I sit back and watch the visitor skyrocket… sigh~

Also meki has been working on some joint project with various groups on the
No longer Human anime, so if you’re interested get it ->here<- (or just search on TT in the rare case that you’re to lazy to click this link.



16 Comments to “Look, a ferris wheel~ (Aki Sora 10 -.-“)”

  1. Great job! Thanks for the release! Feels like I’ve been waiting forever, but much appreciated just the same to see that a group is continuing this large fan-based project.

  2. Before anyone starts raging about episode size…i did too, but after downloading it, i was like OMFG i can see forever…so yea, is that good

  3. so, you choose to sub that instead of zan? what the hell dude?

    • I’m not sure what the situation is with commie subs, but I do believe that meki has already sent the scripts for the episodes to crypt.

      It doesn’t help to have the most terrible luck in the world like meki’s. I believe he got the script for episode 12 to them right about the time that gg released it.

  4. thanks alot for the chapter. I am looking forward to more and I really appreciate all your efforts

  5. Thanks for releasing the ferris wheel 😛

  6. thank you so much =w=

  7. Hehehehe!Thanks a lot!Are you going to scan chapter 12?I am really,REALLY looking foward to this one…^^

  8. Thank you for the release ^^

  9. Thank you for Aki Sora

  10. Hentai releases…average comments 10+

    all other releases…average comments 5~7


  11. Thanks for the H..er…thanks for the releases! ^.^. “hops into the ferries wheel”

  12. Luv’d the new chapter! I’m a huge fan of Aki-Sora. I can’t wait for the next chapters. Thanks! Keep up the good work. You guys really are terrific! 🙂

  13. I like Aki sora too but only because its full of wincest n’ stuff. The anime was more disappointing. Dammit just make it a 100% hentai gdammit!

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