The next thing will be…

by royalgreentea

…Despair! Don’t feel like working on porn right now.


6 Comments to “The next thing will be…”

  1. I hope for more Illya… I need mi dose now!!

  2. working on it….

    whats all this!?

    why didn’t you lock her tight on the basement!?
    my school life is ruined because of that, don’t you care the sightless about me!?

    Wh-what do you mean?

    I-Illya, calm down…

    today…Kuro showed up at school

    she presented herself as Illya’s cousin…and will start going to school starting next week

    • Is that… Ilya, meki?
      man, we’re really getting behind everything…

      Anyways, raws pls. Or at least a mail.
      You could also show up in IRC now and then, I’m getting pretty ronely by myself~

  3. Mail and irc totally blocked at work…i know…shit sux

    raws for chap 6 are up at mh

    Kuro vs Illya…ball fight…Fuck year

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