Super “extra” quality time!

by royalgreentea

This time around I bring you the extra chapter/s from SZS, download it ->here<-

Well, sorry for being absent so long, I was kinda getting bored doing Aki Sora, so I thought I do some SZS.
Actually, the scripts are already a few weeks out, and I really took my sweet time  to make those crappy magazine scans as good looking as possible. (like removing dust with the drawing pad). I really love to do SZS. I wish I could do more…of the untranslated stuff.

Reminds me, we should actually released episode 13 way before [gg] did, but somehow those guys from Commiesubs screwed up (or didn’t do anything at all, heck do I know). Sigh~…also our translators are all busy. Oya too. Leaves only me here. That’s why we’re in need of an additional Translator for SZS! Maybe I can find one… I hope.
Or else I’m forced to retire if I don’t slow down.

Maybe that’s too much text. Anyways, let’s have some fun.
Seems like I gonna be in charge of this blog for a looooong time.

-GreenTea (next time is Aki Sora time *cough)


10 Comments to “Super “extra” quality time!”

  1. Thanks for the chapter… but i didn’t understand the “Kiyohiko’s night” part…

    Thanks 😀 and by the way… the quality looks great, you really did a good job cleaning it, i’ve seen the magazine chapters and they are horrible T_T

    Thanks agains for the extra chapter.

    • Kiyohiko’s name is a pun on Silent night (Kiyoshiko), maybe I should’ve made it clear. He’s one of the characters that appear randomly in the backgrounds in the later chapters.

      I hope that helped.

  2. so gg finally released 13? i have had the script for that episode for a month now

    • It’s a “ghetto version” without backgrounds or AFX editing, but you get the point. Also, will I ever see you again?

    • 60% done? Well, that’s more than half so I’ll wait patiently. I’d really like to help you but I don’t knok nothing about japanese. Maybe if I make a mention you in my stories… Wanna bunch of coffee?

  3. Also, we forgot to download Joshiraku 4. You got any ways to get to the raw?

  4. thanks for the chap guys 😀 great job on this scan.
    is there any way to get earlier chapter tho?
    kinda hard to find now since it’s licensed ~_~

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