Pssst! (Aki sora 12)

by royalgreentea

Download here<—



*Silently walks away*


P.S. SZS English Volume 4 is out today! Don’t forget to go buy it!


23 Responses to “Pssst! (Aki sora 12)”

  1. thx for the new fapping chapter!!!

    i’ll instantly add this new release update at

  2. Where is my delicious Miyu and her delicious loli sidekick?

  3. thanks for the release.
    can’t wait for the next chapter, he he he… ^^

  4. That was fairly hilarious. For my part, I say feel free to leave the ‘desu’ in if Mi-chan appears again. Some might complain, but fuck ’em if they can’t take a little Japanese in their manga.

  5. arigato gozaimasu !!
    thx for the release dude,
    keep up the work !

  6. yay! thnxs for the update. great chapter. i luv the new characters. keep up the good work! lol. u guys r great!!! 😉

  7. Thanks for the release and hardwork. “injects his dosage of Aki Sora”.

  8. where’s i can get chap 11 ?

  9. hey acn anybody tell me where can i get all the chapters to download which are translated

  10. is chapter 13 has been relased ? i found chap 13 but still in kanji..

  11. The link doesn’t work! Can you please upload it on another server?

  12. Great job! When can we expect chapter 13?

  13. when you will get motivation and time ?

  14. thank you so much for the release, keep them coming.


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