A new banner!

by royalgreentea

Do you guys like it? I need some feedback, since it’s my first coloring as well.
Also, if anyone asks, I post him the original version (close to wallpaper size).


edit: so nobody likes it?

9 Comments to “A new banner!”

  1. I´m crying, cause i don´t see any Fate/Kaleid, and the new chapter is out ;.;

    …now you are 2 chapters behind

  2. Must get Illya dose

  3. Yeah, we have been waiting so long; almost 2 months since the last chapter.

  4. Hello, how are you doing Greentea?

    Your new banner is nice btw. I like it.

    • I’m doing rather well, compared to the others.
      Everyone’s away and busy, but I still manage to squeeze some time in between for the blog and stuff.
      When my driver’s exam is over (in six days), I going to have plenty of time to finish the remaining scans.

      And I gotta hurry up, the Aki proofreader is going into vacation soon ^^”

  5. Banner like, very nice, with a small caveat…maybe skin tone a little too dark, at least on my Mac/FF 3.5.

    Kaga-chan is one of my favorites amongst the SZS joseitachi – whenever she flips her ponytail in the anime, you just want to give her a big squeeze….

  6. i like the new banner, is really nice done, keep going 😉

  7. Meh, new banner looks epic. I would like a wallpaper of it.

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