No, no Ilya yet.

by royalgreentea

So I see you’re wondering about Ilya. Well, it’s not that I don’t want to release it….

In fact, it’s collecting dust right now on my harddrive. The point is, the proofreader (Oya) is busy with final exams, so I won’t expect a proof from him very soon.
So what to do? You guys could do something, I guess. We’re still recruiting, and maybe if you paid attention you know that I’m pretty much the only guy not on hiatus.
(I’ve planned to go into a 1 week hiatus after the release …but nothing happened, so screw that) As far as I see, we’re lacking a proofreader for Ilya right now.

So contact me if you like to help. It’ll speed up the releases of Ilya, as long as someone is willing to work for it. And it’s not even that much (correcting text/dialogue…), so give it a try. You gonna find me either in the IRC most of the time, and in the case I’m not there, send me a mail to

Requirements for being a proof: Decent english (native if possible), sense of style for dialogues (you’ll discussing that with me/meki), IRC and email
Oh, and being a typemoon fanboy/girl is a big plus in this case.

…Gotta reach for the top, stay on that mountaaaaain~~!


11 Comments to “No, no Ilya yet.”

  1. 2 servings of my mapo tofu to the one who gets the last reference.

  2. release it……just……release it….PLEASE!!!!!!!

  3. I guess I’m overqualified, but I’m also quite busy with finals :3

  4. Mmm… I see. Well, I’m not a native speaker but at least I’m the best in my English class (:P). I don’t know if my level is good enough for this kind of job but I’m pretty good with concordance in dialogues (well, is better in my native language). And by the way, Fate is the only series from Typemoon I know and like. Maybe if i get a chance and if I’m not good for this job, you can kill me

  5. Do your best on your exam B.T.W.

  6. k, guys, I finished proofreading for GT last night.

    You should all glare angrily at him until he releases it.

  7. >proofreading done last night
    >3 o clock std time of the next day
    >no release yet to be seen


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