Merry Christmas!

by royalgreentea

Dear Santa-san, I’m more or less satisfied with my current life.
But still allow me to wish for a few things:

– Please grant this group some translators, because we’re poor and TL-less
– Please give me motivation so I can finish up my work faster.
– Gimme lots of money, Santa-san, so I don’t have to go working again.
– Please tell god that he should throw less unfortunate events in my life the next years.
– If the visitors on this blog are still reading, please give me 3 presents, which I give to them some time after christmas.
… I know it’s naughty, but I hope you can bear it, Santa-san.

That’s all I think of. Until next time.

-GreenTea (The only guy who didn’t get L4D2 as present for some reason…)

PS: Full resolution of the page you can find ->here<-. Sorry guys, seems like meki was enslaved by his evil company, so that page was done by me, in my spare time. Yeah Santa, give me a translator for SZS so I can live up to this group’s name…. and face Full-life apologies! (bad jk)

6 Comments to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. merry chritsmas to you too guys (even I’m a little late)

  2. no new fate/kaleid? ;.;
    i is disapoint..

    ..merry christmas

  3. ye, merry x’mas and all that, now give me more of exquisite Miyu

  4. yea, merry christmas for all you.

    and happy new year, i hope you release more SZS soon 😀

  5. Happy new year to Greentea and everyone.

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