Oh my gawd it’s christmas. (Aki 13-15; Ilya 4th special)

by royalgreentea

Just kiddin’ – Let’s start this year of with a lot of releases,’kay guys?
So here we go:
Aki-Sora chapter 13
Aki-Sora chapter 14
Aki-Sora chapter 15

Mahou Loli Fate/Stay Kaleid Ilya etc. 4th special (don’t ask me why it’s “4th”)

Man, things got so delayed by so many things, I can’t count ’em all. So let’s just say the reason was… global warming.
Yeah, that sounds reasonable. Anyways, enjoy those releases.

But I gotta say something of my mind. Lately I have been doing nothing than fanservice manga and that manga that goes beyond fanservice. Which is pretty tiring, at least for me. So gimme something else/new for a change. Like SZS, or another comedy manga. Seinen works as well.  Just – something – else – for a change. I don’t mind working on the projects, but throwing only similiar things at me is kinda… de-motivating…

That’s it!

-GreenTea (currently short on money)

EDIT: See volume 3 HQ raws, feel stupid after spending too much time for the magazine raws.
(heck, all those chapter I made are included there in High fucking quality…and no, I won’t remade them.)


28 Comments to “Oh my gawd it’s christmas. (Aki 13-15; Ilya 4th special)”

  1. Sorry about your demotivation, but I’m overjoyed to see new Aki Sora. Thanks.

  2. Danke danke!!! I love reading Aki Sora.

    Thanks for the release.

  3. global warming is a hoax

  4. Is Aki Sora realy end or continue?

    • The author always put おわり (The end) at the last page , instead of つづく (To be continue)
      which often cause misunderstanding to the reader.
      But don’t worry. Aki sora is still ongoing… In fact I had already done a rough scan for chapter 16
      but I should let Greentea do his other projects for a change. 🙂

  5. Awesome tnx for the new releases.
    kinda hated chapter 15.
    Aki x Sora coupling ftw!!!

  6. Thanks for the new releases! Hope you can find something to get you out of your slump =)

  7. Tsundere Sella for the win. She’s acting more like Rin did in the original game than Rin is now.

  8. Most likely the reason that Masahiro Itosugi put おわり instead of つづく is that Chap 15 (lovely, delicious twincest…) marks the end of Volume 3.

    Also, I created a torrent for these 3 chapters since you guys didn’t do it…

    Info Page: http://www.nyaatorrents.org/?page=torrentinfo&tid=108223

    Direct torrent link: http://www.nyaatorrents.org/?page=download&tid=108223

  9. ty for the releases

    Let’s start this year of with a lot of Ecchi-ness!

  10. fuck yess!!
    thanks a lot for my fate/kaleid release.

    btw, what is up with the last page? suimasen.wordpress.com? …an ongoing missprint? its been like that since it started

  11. thx for this massive release 😀

  12. Thank you very much for the Illya’s release but… If this is the 4th special and you have released the first one few months ago, where are the others? What have you been hiding from us, GT?

  13. Question!! Is aki sora still going on in japan? And if not, how many chapters are there in total? o.o

    • Like I’ve said above, Aki-Sora is still ongoing. And total 16 chapters of raw have been released so far (13 Jan 2010).

      It’s Bi-Monthly release on Champion Red Ichigo Magazine B.T.W.

  14. yahoo, new illya xD
    comedy without fan services? hmm.. hack4koma? lol (i forgot how much chapter has done till its stopped translated.. but oh well)

  15. Are you interested in picking up the first season of Kaleid Liner where Ala-Atra dropped it? I don’t think they have made any formal statement regarding it but it’s been ages since they last released it and there can hardly be many issues left.

    • Yeah, that would be great. Besides, there are just 2 or maybe 3 chapters to finish the first season. The final battle against Berserker! Please SS, grant our wish

      • Don’t wanna, too much of a hassle.
        Besides, I know they’re short on Tler right now, and I also like them for doing various manga.

        Let’s wait until they either finish or offically drop it.
        (to be honest, I felt a bit bad back then when I noticed that they were doing the prequel)

  16. Thank you for making aki sora. Great manga. 🙂
    I guess I’m gonna learn japanese just to be able to read these sooner.

  17. thanks 😀

  18. a Nanoha/KALEID crossover that’s licensed? Or Photoshop? If true, both fearful and anticipating Vivio/Ilya meeting. Hope it doesn’t involve stripping, like with Miyu.

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