by suimasenscans

What? It’s not your birthday? Oh, well….anyway, I come bearing a gift, and that gift is a chapter of SZS! I was rooting around in my old emails for no particular reason today, and stumbled across some scripts back from our subbing days (oh god, memories, pleasant and not, at the same time). Since we were translating the episodes before they came out, using the manga as a guide, we have a bunch of old scripts laying around. I figured I could probably typeset them eventually, but I was bored today, and decided to typeset chapter 154. It’s nothing new or anything, but hey, it beats nothing at all.

On a side note, as I was working, I kept getting deja vu. I attributed it to the fact that I was helping typeset the sub too, but after I finished, I found another folder, months old, containing almost completely typeset pages. I’m such a failure~

Anyway, you’re probably tired of me blithering on, so I suppose I’d better leave you the chapter and get out of here. You can find it here.

(Up and running again after two months off)


3 Comments to “Surprise!”

  1. Inb4 you guys are confusing him for me and asking “Aki-sora where”

  2. Fuck yes!!
    Do you guys need a typesetter for SZS or somethin’? Someone who can’t read/write a lick of Japanese, that is… -_o

    • I dunno. We might could use some temp help typesetting some of our Zan scripts, but our main problem right now is the lack of actual translating going on at the moment.

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