A Challenger Appears! (Katteni Kaizo 35)

by suimasenscans

A Challenger Appears!

Well, it’s been a while since we released something like Katteni Kaizo, so I figure it’s about time. Maybe we’re waking up from hibernation during the long northern winters or something. Hika’s back working for us, and meki might be sending scripts to us at some point in the future (even if it took a car accident to do it [you might want to send him well wishes, as he got banged up pretty good in it])

At any rate, enjoy KK 35, and if you don’t like Katteni Kaizo, you can wait for a more prestigious series to come out. (I hear Aki Sora 17 and 18 are out, so you can pester GreenTea endlessly about them, I’m sure.)

Here you go.

EDIT: To those of you who sent us emails and offered help of various kinds, thank you. I’ve forwarded your emails to the appropriate parties, and they should be getting back to you soon. I’m kind of busy with school, so I forget to check the group email for long stretches of time, and no one else bothers to check it ;_;

13 Comments to “A Challenger Appears! (Katteni Kaizo 35)”

  1. You are not doing Joshiraku? T_T

    BTW, do you got the raw of Kaizou in chapters or volumes? If it’s the latter I would like to see the Torauma Walker section because I can’t find them in the HongKong version

    • Unfortunaly we missed chapter 4 and 5 =/
      So, maybe we gonna do 3, but I think we’ll continue when the first tankbon comes out.

    • Torauma Walker for volume 3 is just 2 pages, and I’ve done the first page before univ and irl matters swamped me (sorry about that >_<)
      If you, by any chance can translate. I don't mind uploading the last page :3 and more than welcome to have you on board 😀

  2. I assume the second anonymous is GreenTea, but he’s right. I think the plan is to continue Joshiraku as soon as we get those raws.

    As for the Torauma Walker sections, we were planning to get those translated at some point, and Hika even had parts of them translated already, but I don’t know if she’s done with those at the moment. I’ll ask her about them. We do have the raws of them, and if they’re not translated in a few weeks, I’ll put the raws up for you.

  3. Actually I got Ch.4,6,7 from raw paradise but ch.3 I got only photographs and failed to find ch. 5

  4. Fuck yeah, more Katteni Kaizo!

  5. looking forward to see Joshiraku chapt.4!

  6. What about Miyu and friends?
    you dropped it? ;.;

    • We’re still working on it, somewhere in the vast, dark machine called scanlation hell. I think GT has scripts for the newer chapters, he’s just gotta typeset them, which he’ll probably get around to at some point.

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