Guess who’s back! (Tokkyu ch.1)

by royalgreentea

I’m back, and keeping an old promise (get it here)with our lovely translator Hika~~.

The manga is in short (I hate doing summaries), a typical shonen starring Hyogo, a guy with no interests except rescuing people (why does this remind me of Hajime no Woli so much?). It’s entertaining, has an interesting cast of characters and lots of reaction faces. Give it a try, will ya?

A typesetter is needed for this series, as I can’t possibly do another chapter when I have a ton of scripts (zetsubou~ ;_;) , and even more promises to fulfill.

Yeah… SZS, Ilya, and Aki… they gonna return soon so wait a bit.

-GreenTea (sorry hika, the restaurant was closed so I couldn’t get to taste some rendan ;_;)

14 Comments to “Guess who’s back! (Tokkyu ch.1)”

  1. Miyu….fuck….where is she…;.;

  2. omg thank you I’ve been wating for someone to pick this up again thnx for the release and hope there is more to come 🙂

  3. Mou ii…i’m in despair here at lack of SZS updates! So I know translation is usually the long straw, and I’m just a beginner and no help there, but I can typeset (esp. if you guys don’t expect lolxboxhueg SFX replaced), and I can proof. If you guys are still looking for help, I’d be delighted to give a hand/tablet.

    • Sounds tempting. Our big problem is our current lack of scripts in the SZS department. GreenTea has one he’s working on now, but after that, we have two scripts of Fate/Kaleid to typeset, then two of Aki Sora. Meki might give us another SZS script soon, but I couldn’t tell you when that’s going to be.

      If you want to talk to us more about this, please hop on our IRC channel!

  4. GT, have I told you that I ❤ you?
    And lol, it's simply bad luck xD
    Finally this manga see the broad daylight <33

  5. Thanks alot for the chapter. I m really glad that a group finally picked this up and I hope you will continue working on this. I wonder who that girl was and how she knows Hyuga? I hope there will be atleast a little bit of romance beteen the girl and Hyuga

  6. Just wondering, do you got Joshiraku Ch.8 raw? I think I miss it or there are really no scans

  7. Umm… It’s been a while since you last released an Aki Sora chapter, are you guys still on that? Raws upto chapter 18 are available.

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